Medical Economics Articles

"2016 year-end tax planning tips for physicians" - December 17, 2016

"10 Steps to Increase Financial Security for Physicians" - July 2, 2016

"Simplify your estate planning" - July 15, 2015

"Paying for the ACA: The Medicare and net-investment tax" - September 8, 2014

"Strategies for managing new federal tax brackets" - September 5, 2014

"IRA rollovers: Understanding the new rules" - July 8, 2014

"Inherited Individual Retirement Accounts: Understanding tax and distribution laws" - May 31, 2014

"Employing family members at your practice offers financial benefits"- March 10, 2014

"Strategies for reducing the tax bite" - November 10, 2013

"Tax law changes offer new Roth opportunity" - February 25, 2013 

"Taxes are going up, but you can limit your burden" - January 25, 2013

"Does it make sense to treat my children unequally in my will?" - August 29, 2012

"Tax-related moves to make in 2012" - January 25, 2012

“Maximize your tax advantages” - January 25, 2011

“Tax tips for locum tenens physicians: Reducing your overall tax burden” - February 15, 2010

“Not A First-Time Homebuyer?  You Can Still Save $8,000” - May 22, 2009

“New Tax Breaks For Retirement Savings”
- December 15, 2006

“Roth:  A New 401(k) Option” - November 4, 2005

“Marital Agreements: Awkward But Essential” - March 10, 1997

“12 Myths About Selling Your Practice” - March 24, 1997

“What You Should Bargain For In A Restrictive Covenant” - July 11, 1994

“Have Your Cake And Leave It To Your Kids, Too” - September 7, 1992

“Don’t Let These Mistakes Ruin Your Retirement Dreams”
- May 4, 1992

“The High Cost Of S-Corporation Savings” - July 3, 1989

“Your Pension Plan Takes Another Blow” - April 3, 1989

“Don’t Let This Retirement-Plan Deadline Sneak Up On You” - December 19, 1988

“A New Tax Law Means More Changes For Retirement Plans” - September 5, 1988

“IRS Traps That Your Retirement Plan Could Trigger” - June 6, 1988

“Expensive Bloopers in Buy-Sell Agreements” - October 20, 1986

Other Publications

"Ten Financial Tips for a Worry-Free Retirement" -Winter, 2017. The New Gastroenterologist (page 9).

"'Scope' Out the Potential Pitfalls in Your First Employment Agreement" - Winter, 2015. The New Gastroenterologist (page 21).

“Tax Law Creates Estate Planning Opportunities” - September, 2001
The Legal Intelligencer.

“Protecting A Physician’s Assets Takes Preparation” - October, 2002
The Legal Intelligencer

“Choosing Your Firm’s Retirement Plan” - April, 1990
Law Practice Management

“Retirement Planning Under The New Tax Rules” - August, 1987
Physician’s Management

“Retirement Plans for Professionals” - March 15, 1987
ABA Journal

“Goodwill Values in Medical Practices Flow With Medicare Tide”
Business Planner

“Pick the Best Retirement Plan for Your Practice”
Financial Management

“Written Contracts Spell Out Your Rights and Responsibilities”
Business Planner


Mr. Schiller has lectured at various Residency Programs at the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University, Abington Memorial Hospital, Hahnemann University Hospital, Temple University Hospital, Aria Health and the University of Virginia. He has also spoken as a Course Instructor in the Pennsylvania State University's Paralegal Program and lectured to the New Jersey State Medical Society.

Mr. Schiller is an editorial consultant for Medical Economics magazine and has authored over thirty-eight articles on retirement planning, estate planning,  employment contracts and other topics addressing the business aspects of medical and dental practices. He has published articles in Medical Economics Magazine, The Pennsylvania Lawyer, Physicians Financial News, Financial Management for the Practicing Physician and has lectured extensively on contract and tax matters at both local hospitals and for Pennsylvania State University's Paralegal Program.

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