SCHILLER LAW ASSOCIATES provides services necessary to initiate or update your retirement plans so that your plans conform with our ever-changing tax and labor laws.   Our services include:

  1.  Drafting or updating your retirement plan documents, including adoption statements, summary plan descriptions, employee notices, beneficiary designations, etc;
  2.  Submission of retirement plan documents for IRS review and approval and issuance of a favorable determination letter; submission of Summary Plan Description to the Department of Labor.

  3.  Consultation to design plan provisions which maximize benefits for key employees, while fulfilling necessary requirements in terms of eligibility provisions, vesting, benefits upon termination, and your fiduciary obligations;

  4.  Providing answers to all questions arising in plan design, implementation and administration;

  5.  Consultation regarding retirement plan borrowing provision limits, required documents, interest rates, and other terms;

  6.  Consultation regarding the impact of all new pension laws;

  7.  Speaking with individual participants regarding their forthcoming distributions from retirement plans, distribution options and taxation of benefits;

  8.  Representing you during IRS and Department of Labor audits;

  9.   Designing plans to include every flexible feature, as permitted by law, including integration with Social Security and cross-testing benefits;

  10.  Providing detailed analysis so that your plans conform with distribution rules, including minimum distributions, early distributions, rollover rules and forward averaging rules, and

  11.  In cases of divorce, helping you to maximize the benefits of your retirement plan assets and arrange for tax-free distributions during property settlement.

Plan Administration, including trust accounting, IRS filings (5500 forms) and participant statements and any audit representation are offered as additional services and are engaged separately.

In drafting or updating your retirement plan documents, we do all necessary work toward the qualification of your plans, including preparation of adoption statements, plan documents, beneficiary designation forms, employee statements, and summary plan descriptions, submission to the IRS and Department of Labor for their approval, and making any necessary changes to obtain IRS approval.

The fee for all of the above services is $2,500.00 for a 401-K plan and $3,500.00 for a defined benefit plan. 

In addition to drafting or revising your retirement plan documents, we provide "Ongoing Plan Services" [for an annual fee of $650.00] which include retirement plan advice by consulting with you and/or your advisor by e-mail, telephone, fax, or letter, mandatory plan amendments (government required) to your plan documents, loan documentation, distribution forms and any support necessary to properly operate your plans throughout the course of the year, except Plan Administration, preparing and filing IRS Form 5500 and related calculations.